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Definition of cities and urban land use

The experts define the city in accordance with the scientific point of view, respectively. Definition according Bintarto city is as follows. City as a whole network of human life which is characterized by high population density and socioeconomic strata characterized by heterogeneous and coraknya materialistic. Urban community consisting of natives and immigrants. Urban community is very heterogeneous, both in terms of livelihood, religion, customs, and culture.

According Bintarto, the city has the physical and social characteristics.
1. Physical characteristics of the city
a. The presence of economic means such as market or supermarket. Based on the ability to serve residents, the city shopping center divided into three types, namely neighborhood center (7500-20000 people), community center (20000-100000 people), and the regional center (over 100,000 people).
b. There is adequate parking
c. There is a place of recreation and sport
d. There is a square
e. The existence of government buildings.

2. Social characteristics of the city
a. heterogeneous society
b. Individualistic and materialistic
c. Livelihoods nonagraris
d. The style of life is gesselschaft (kinship began to fade)
e. The existence of social inequalities between rich and poor segments of society
f. Religious norms are not so strict
g. More rational view of life
h. The existence of spatial strategy, the separation of complex society or social group explicitly.

Compared with rural areas, land use more complex areas of the city. This is caused by several factors.
1. diversity of livelihood city
2. development of the city as the center of activities, such as the center of government, industrial centers, and educational center
3. completeness of facilities and infrastructure to encourage the emergence of new activities resulted in the emergence of new land uses.

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